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The bells of St. Mary's are rung before services on the second and fourth Sundays of each month as well as for weddings, special services, national occasions, celebrations and occasionally for funerals.

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Striving for excellence to delight our community.

About the bells

In 1925, four bells that dated from as early as 1665 were recast and augmented to the current ring of six. They are considered to be amongst the most tuneful rings of bells in the county and are relatively light; the heaviest bell weighs 9cwt 1stone and 2lbs (about 465kg) and is tuned in A.

 bellClick to hear our bells


St. Mary's bellringers take measures to ensure their activities comply with the church's safeguarding policies and that all ringing is led by suitably qualified individuals, A policy covering the proper supervision of ringing exists to ensure that safeguarding and physical safety during ringing are given the priority they deserve.


Our band comprises beginners and experienced ringers from 15 years old to (much) older. We practice at St. Mary's every Thursday between 7.30 and 9:00pm except on the first Thursday of every other month when we go to Tattenhall for a combined practice to share expertise.

Other ringing

Occasionally we receive requests for visitors to ring the bells. We try to accommodate visiting bands while keeping the amount of extra ringing acceptable to those living nearby. Any recent and upcoming visits will be listed in "News and Events" below.

News and events

5 Feb 20 The bells were rung to welcome the congregation before the service for the induction of our new vicar, Rev Tim Robinson and his wife Norma and again after the service to celebrate the event. The local band was joined by Richard Raymond, a visiting ringer from Rev Tim's previous parish.

Learn to ring

We welcome newcomers to ringing. A three-month beginners' course is held each year. Starting in September/October, its aim is to train a small group of newcomers to learn to ring together and reach a level that enables them to join in with the band ringing simple 'rounds' by Christmas. 

bellRounds on the bells of St.Mary's

St.Mary's bells are equipped with a "simulator" that allows the bells to be rung silently while the ringers hear computer generated sound. This enables additional practice ringing without creating a noise nuisance.

For more information on when we will be ringing and how to join our band, contact the Tower Captain by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone on 01829 250654 

For more information on bell ringing in general try https://cccbr.org.uk/what-is-bell-ringing/

RINGERS' NOTICES (for the band)

The most recent changes are highlighted in yellow

Service ringing

Sunday services

 Last updated

19:00 Fri. 11 Feb











Adrian Donovan         
Dominic Haughton  ?         
Fiona Johnson Y    
Jill Farmer N        
Jo Haigh     ?        
Shane Phoenix Y  Y N    
Steve Farmer  N         
Simon Kettle Y        
Val Bonner Y Y    
Caroline Johnson          
[Chris Hocking]          

* Can be available

Notification of availability or unavailability received by noon on Saturday before ringing should appear above by 21:00. 

Weddings and extra services

Ringers will be invited to ring and bands posted below. 

St.Mary's and joint practices

St.Mary's practices

Practices start at 19:30 and will not normally be canceled even if numbers are low. 

Simulator practices

Bell Handling Clinic

A day of 1 hour simulator sessions for handling revision is planned for 22nd February. Anyone who does not have perfect control of their bell, on any bell, at all times, including ringing up and down can expect to benefit :-)  Please book with Dominic

Val & Fiona TBC

Sat. 22/2    Bell handling clinic booking
11:00  Chris [TBC]

Simulator practices will be hel on the third Tuesday of the month on request. Bookings will only be taken in person at Thursday practices!

 18 Feb    17 Mar        21 Apr     
 19:30-20:00    No          
 20:00-20:30 simulator     
 20:30-21:00 practice     

Other towers' practices.

Tattenhall practices

A joint practice is held with the Tattenhall band on the first Thursday of each month, alternating between the towers. 

Next Tattenhall practice 5th March 2020

Malpas practices

Competent St. Mary's ringers have been invited to attend St. Oswald's practice on the second Wednesday of each month; ringing starts at 19:00.

Branch practices and training

The full programme of Chester Branch activities is availablehttps://chesterdg.org.uk/events-201/

Next branch practice

Fri 14th Feb: 19:30 - 21:00: Branch meeting at St Peter, Waverton (8, 8-0-10 in G) CH3 7QN

Next training meeting

Places will be normaly allocated on a first come first serve basis. When booking, please state your preference of either the morning OR afternoon session. Places will not be available on the day.

General ringing

These sessions are organised by the Branch and aimed at all ringers from those able to ring rounds and call changes up to and including surprise method ringers. St. Mary's ringers attend to practice will also get to hear more advanced ringing that may provide inspiration! 


Branch 6-bell striking competion

Striking has improved dramatically in recent weeks. By next year it is very likely that we will be able to field a band for the banch 6-bell striking competition that has the ability to  place well. However, there has been insufficent interest in dedicating regular practice time to preparation this year to commit to entering a band for the 2020 competion.

2025 Centenary of the recasting & augmentation of the bells

Ideas are sought for activities to mark the 2025 centenary of the augmentation and recasting of the bells. 


  1. a quarter peal of Plain Bob double or minor that can be marked with a board in the belfry. All current ringers are capable of this.
  2. a new method to name it "Tilston Centenary Bob Doubles. Click here to see the exercises. This is achievable with work.
  3. an extent (720 changes ) of a new treble bob minor method to name it.  Click here to see two methods that could be named for Tilston by a band ringing the first extent. This is a stretch target.
  4. a quarter peal comprising splice extents of two new Tilston treble bob methods. 


  1. Open day



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