We are so lucky to have such a beautiful Church as the base for our expanding range of services and activities.  Weddings there increase in popularity and anyone who has attended our School services and Family Services, will have loved the energy and engagement of the children and their teachers as they join us for worship.

As you can imagine, though, the cost of keeping the Church open and operating continues to rise.  We have to maintain this building, but not just as a museum.  St Mary’s is still in very active use as a church, the focus not only of our worship, but of the work we do to support people and to underpin village life.  It takes over £3,000 a month to maintain the church (not counting improvements) and our work.

We are trying to balance church traditions and a building which is usable for the 21st century.   


It is heartening that people who have to think hard about how they spend their money, so often manage to give some of it to help others. St Mary’s Church benefits from a great deal of generosity, and I am so grateful for this.

The money you give is used for the purpose for which you give it: Weekly collections and Gift Aid are used only for the church. Indeed all money given to us supports the church unless stated otherwise beforehand.

A church, more than any other institution, should however reflect the generosity of the many people who want to help others beyond their own communities.  So the proceeds of some of our events each year are given to, or shared with, other worthy causes, such as Fair Trade or Christian Aid. We always make this clear when advertising events and those who prefer their donations to go only to the church, can use the yellow envelopes.

Our standard practice at the moment, is to donate 10% of the proceeds of many special events to Save the Family.


If you value St Mary’s Church and what it does for the community, please consider whether you can increase your regular donations. Adrian Bode (01948 860734) or Paul Tedham (01829 250336) can help to set up a standing order.

GIFT AID is simple and lets the church claim an extra 25 pence tax for every pound you donate.  Use the yellow envelopes available in church or contact Adrian Bode (01948 860734) or Paul Tedham (01829 250336) for a Gift Aid form which makes sure that all your future donations count as Gift Aid.

Click here to download the Gift Aid form and send it to Arian Bode at 1 Firbrook Cottage, Cuddington, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 7EW or Paul Tedham, Treetops, Tilston.

If you want a form for Sponsorhsip and Gift Aid, click here.

ON-LINE SHOPPING can also raise money for St Mary's very easily at no cost to you.  All you do is go first to www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/stmarystilston  then on to your chosen shopping site.  This will give St Mary’s a free contribution at no cost to you. See below for more on how this works.

      Thank you for everyone’s continuing support.

    Rev Dr Tim Robinson



If you spend money online - anything from a book from Amazon to a luxury holiday - you can donate a portion of your spend to St. Mary's at absolutely no cost to you at all.

Want to help? It's easy. Here's how……

ONE - Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/stmarystilston and register your name and email address. Bookmark this page for ease of returning next time

TWO - When you want to buy the holiday in the sun or more likely that book - go to your bookmarked page and then select .Retailers” scroll down or search for the retailer you require and click their link.

THREE - Shop on the retailers website as normal.

THAT'S IT! - You don't pay any more than normal and a variable part of your spend goes straight to St.Mary's Church.  A few days after your purchase you will get an email informing you of how much has gone to St. Mary's.

There are some big names on the site - M&S, Sainsburys, Amazon, Thomas Cook, John Lewis, B&Q and many more.
Please try to use this site - it benefits us so much and is free to you.

Thanks for your support

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