July 2020


St Edith’s, Shocklach and St Mary’s, Tilston warmly welcome you to “Who ART in Heaven”, our very first online version of our Church Holiday Club, aimed at children aged 5 - 11 years old.

We aren’t able to hold our usual Holiday Club because of the coronavirus but we thought we’d have a go at sharing some of the fun that we would normally have, so we’ve got some quizzes, songs, art activities, stories, physical games and splats lined up for you.

There are four elements to this Holiday Club!

  1. There are online videos that you can access below - please click on the links for each day.
  2. We have produced a pack of materials, including quizzes and art activities for children local to Tilston and Shocklach. If you would like a pack posting to you, please contact Chris (details below)
  3. We hope to make some communal artwork for our churches - Prayer Banners for St Mary's: one in the shape of a tree, with prayers on the leaves, the other in the form of a swarm of butterflies, again with prayers on the butterflies’ wings. We also hope to make a Prayer Tree for St Edith’s.
  4. We have set some online physical challenges and we invite parents to send us videos of their children performing these challenges, which we shall then share via this website.

Whichever parts of Holiday Club you participate in, we hope you enjoy it!

God bless,

Rev Tim, Rev Norma & Chris Gilbert

Chris Gilbert

01948 820204

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Day 1 link:


Day 1 daily challenge example video:


Day 2 link


Day 2 daily challenge example video:


Day 3 link


Day 3 daily challenge example video:



choir1 choir2








Church Choir record songs for Holiday Club

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