The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) is open to those on the Tilston Parish Electoral Roll.  This takes place with the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (AMP) which all Parish residents may attend.  Other PCC and Committee meetings are open to its members and those it invites.  Meetings are currently arranged for:


Standing Committee       As required

Deanery Synod               To be confirmed


The role of the PCC is to co-operate with the Priest in Charge in promoting Tilston Parish and the mission of the Church.  It is reponsible for the financial affairs of St Mary's Church, for the care and maintenance of the Church building and churchyard and for giving advice to other Church decision-making bodies (the Deanery Synod and the Diocesan Synod).  It has various rights, jointly with the Rector, over services and has duties when the Rector position is vacant.

The Churchwardens are PCC members and are key figures in managing Church matters. 

You may get in touch with PCC members or inspect the minutes by contacting the Secretary, Viv Black on 01829 250615 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Read more for the role of the Churchwardens, membership details and list of current members  




Some office-holders are automatically members of the PCC.  Some may be co-opted by the PCC.  Others are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (in April) by those on the Parish Electoral Roll.  You may join the Electoral Roll if you are a church member residing in Tilston Parish, or if you are a non-resident church member but have habitually attended public worship in the Parish for six months.

To join the Electoral Roll, contact the Electoral Roll Officer, Su Tedham on 01829 250336


St Mary's has two Churchwardens who are members of the PCC but have additional personal responsibilities.  Many of these relate to the Church's premises and property, some of which they technically own whilst in office.  Although elected annually by Tilston parishioners (people who reside in the Parish), they are officers of the Bishop, appearing before him each year to be admitted to office.

See "Contacts" for the current Churchwardens and how to get in touch.


Rev Dr Tim Robinson                     Chair

Rev David Black                                       

Viv Black                                     Secretary

Paul Tedham                                Gift Aid Secretary

Penny Hearn             Deanery Synod Representative

Penny Hints                                          

Adrian Donovan                            Treasurer

Lyn Lloyd

Lizanne Reeves

Trisha Swift                                       

Su Tedham             Electoral Role & Deanery Synod rep                   


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